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Surat Diamond Jewellery is managed by the 3rd generation of a diamentaire family. Our quality and attention-to-detail ensures that generation after generation of customers has a relationship with diamonds. Today, our brand has a captive Internet and Mail Order audience.

We took a big leap into one-to-one marketing with in late 1998. On January 10, 1999, Mona Hair fromTEXAS, USA became our first customer when she purchased 2 pearl necklaces online.

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  1. I want to know how much existing points consequence purchase on my Debit card

  2. Why are you sending sms about points accumulated advising to redeem the points when your download site is not working properly. what is the technical defect are you having. Are you not able to rectify the defect for so many months. It is really frustrating. You should improve your quality of service. If you are unable to do it better discontinue the scheme. Please don't fool your own customer. This does not speak well of you.Anyway I wish you better luck in your effort.